Staging a Home

Staged Dining RoomAfter spending years marketing new homes I have spent my fair share working with gorgeous homes that stubbornly sat on the market until furnished.  I have also been in houses where I felt I needed to run around ahead of time hiding trinkets in cupboards or in an already overfilled closet.  I love it when I get to spend extra time with my clients before we hit MLS to optimize their space for photos and during showings.  I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best interior designers and decorators and have picked up a few tricks (and trinkets) to help get a home ready to sell.

Spacious Kitchen

Often less is more

Having a few key pieces as focal points attracts potential buyers.  Do you have a kitchen that is a home chefs dream? Leave the bright red mixer on the counter, but maybe leave the toaster and the coffee pot in the pantry. We tend to accumulate souvenirs over the years that we are proud to have on display, the problem is sometimes it distracts and overwhelms the senses. The fridge is another area that should be cleared of magnets and art at least during showings. I like to also have the driveway clear of cars giving an uninterrupted view of the house. It also lets buyers park in the driveway.

Man Cave BarKeep in mind the goal is to have potential buyers see themselves living in the home. While less is more it does not mean that you should go without personal items.  A few family photos goes a long way in making people feel at ease and believe that the seller had great memories that were created while living in the house. If I am working with a young family I exploit the kids room, it stirs up emotion from buyers.  The key is to have a few items (toys) carefully placed and everything else put away in the chest.

Another area to address is flow and spacial usage; how to set up your furniture. This one is a bit tougher since floor configurations can vary so much, but ensuring that people have room to move freely is important.  Seating areas should not feel cramped. You want buyers to feel like they can move around entertaining areas with ease.  Usually I arrange living rooms in a U shape with a coffee table in the middle.  with about 30″ between couches or chairs and the coffee table. Remember to keep seating focused towards the view or fireplaces before the tv. The dining room should be set up to seat guests comfortably not to get maximum capacity. If you have an 84″ dining table have 6 seats total or about 28″ allotted for each 24″ chair.

Do you live in the lower mainland? For more helpful tips feel free to book a consultation with me to get your home ready.