Tyler Dueck comes from a background of professional sport.  Tyler raced cars at the very top echelon of auto racing, both in Europe and North America.  At age ten Tyler had focus that few could match, driving him up the ladder as one of the world’s top kart drivers.  Along the way, his accolades earned him opportunity in Formula 1, Indy Car, Nascar and Endurance racing ladder series.  After winning the Racer Magazine Award in 2006, Tyler made his full début into open wheel racing.  Tyler was recognized worldwide as a methodical talent and was recruited to the European circuits.  Tyler raced in Formula 3, LeMans LMP, and Indy Lights before being signed for Indy Car and Nascar Nationwide.

Throughout his racing career, Tyler honed his skill as a marketer, developing business plans for companies to enter the promotional side of auto racing. Through innovative strategies and collaborations with emerging brands like GoPro Camera, Tyler created a niche in the marketing world.  In 2010 Tyler transformed his business model to incorporate complete marketing packages for many industries.  A complete marketing division was formed alongside film partner Streetlight Creative.  Successful, comprehensive sales packages were created and managed from Tyler’s Vancouver office.

In 2011 Tyler joined Premier Pacific Group as VP Project Development managing the marketing and public relations aspects, including proposals for development to the city departments.  Tyler is instrumental in working with the municipalities to recognize the vision of the project, and to build upon the needs of the surrounding area.  His role in deliberation with the architect, planning staff and municipal government has created a harmonious relationship with the team.  Tyler approaches the marketing program from a unique perspective, working directly with the sales team and buyers.  His background in digital design allows him to tailor the product to the end user.  An in-depth understanding from beginning to end showcases the complete picture, resulting in strong sales closings.

With extensive real estate experience and keen eye for new market trends Tyler is now offering his services direct to buyers and sellers. Tyler believes in product promotion over personal promotion and puts efforts behind ensuring his listings are front and centre of his marketing campaign.  As a realtor he believes the client is the first priority.


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